Cinnamon Teal
1971 Federal Duck Stamp Design
Image Size: 6 1/2" x 9"
Master Edition Size: 125
Price of Master Edition set of 5 prints: $5000

In 1970 the Duck Stamp Competition allowed artists to design in full color. In 1971, though Maynard knew he could make a color design, he hadn't bothered to enter. His family encouraged him to enter the contest. The week before the entry deadline, Maynard changed his mind and made a watercolor design, submitting it just before the deadline.

Maynard had hunted cinnamon teal at the Bear River Marshes in Utah so he was familiar with the bird. He won the 1971 competition, making it his 5th winning design. Maynard describes the years that he competed in the Federal Duck Stamp Competition as fun, challenging, and an intersting journey he'll never forget.

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